FTR OG Poster
FTR OG Poster
Forest Talk Radio – Old Growth

Forest Talk Radio: Old Growth

Unknown license: David Merleau
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In this second instalment of Forest Talk Radio, you find yourself deep in an ancient forest, struggling to make sense of your surroundings after you learn that trees have somehow commandeered the digital info-grid to hack into the human brain.

The story of Forest Talk Radio: Old Growth, is geo-located along the White Bear Trail in Temagami ON Canada. In this second-person choose-your-own-adventure style walking piece, you encounter a lively radio host who, in an effort to help you avoid becoming “afflicted,” explores how digital technology finds its natural analogue in the communication strategies that trees have developed over eons with fungi and social insects.

Though this Sound Walk is inspired by the profound wilderness and emotional topography of Temagami Ontario, it is not exclusively site-specific and thus can be experienced remotely as you stroll along your favourite forest trail.

Online version of the walk is found at

Since 2020
Hosted by David Merleau in partnership with the Municipality of Temagami
Website URL
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Twitter @DavidMerleau
Duration 60 minutes
Cost Free
Location Temagami, ON, Canada

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