From street sounds to dance music

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Grange Gardens, Cardiff CF11 7LJ, UK

Walking piece details

Duration51 minutes

The soundscape compositions on this map use street sounds collected in Grangetown by residents asked to sample distinctive sounds evoking impressions of their neighbourhood. The rhythmic mixes made by Elmono reinterpret the everyday sounds residents are accustomed to hear around their homes and the first six were played back to them at a ‘listening’ event. The second six, developed later, were intended more for a dance music audience. The total play time of all the mixes is 50 minutes. This undertaking was part of a citizen science project funded by Cardiff University called Mobile Crowdsensing. This ran in Grangetown, which is a Cardiff municipality, through much of 2017. Residents were working with scientists and artists to evaluate the quality of their environment. The sound group was led by listeninggreen to encourage residents to listen to the sounds around them. Listeninggreen are Joel Elmono, Glenn Davidson and Mike Fedeski, and are an offshoot of Artstation, a Cardiff arts practice.

Further mixes were added to the map in 2019.

Near Grange Gardens, Cardiff CF11 7LJ, UK

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