Hamburg can dance

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Harburger Ring, Hamburg, Deutschland

Walking piece details

Language German
Duration 60 minutes
Cost Free

Madness! The intergalactic Dance Battle is taking place on Earth this year. To be more precise: in Hamburg, Germany. And you will have your first big performance on the intergalactic stage there. But then something terrible happens. Now, of all times, your dance partner lets you down. Suddenly you are faced with a human being instead! How humans are supposed to dance with their two arms and legs is a mystery to you. And how are you supposed to communicate with someone who doesn’t know telepathy?

Luckily, your crew supports you as well as they can from a distance and little by little you manage to decipher the large murals all over the city that seem to refer to the competition. If only there weren’t the mysterious events of the last dance battle, which cast an ever-larger shadow ahead and about which your crew somehow doesn’t really want you to know. Is there more to this than you thought? Unfortunately, it’s not just your reputation as a talented New Comer that’s at stake, but the peace of the entire galaxy!

This audio walk written by Storydive’s founder Sophie Burger is a multi player audio walk for two or more players. The first thing to do is find a companion! You won’t be listening to the same story, you’ll be taking on different roles. Before you start, make sure you have chosen different walks: who plays Player A, who Player B? During the walk you will stay together most of the time, but you will not always move in sync. At one point you even part ways for a while.


idea: Antonia Marmon
script: Sophie Burger
voices: Genet Zegay, Monika Mader, Folkert Dücker, David Marquis, Antonia Marmon, Sophie Burger
recording studio: Soundcave Studio
recording: Wolfgang Burr
postproduction: Fabian Eck
commissioned by: Harburg Stadtmarketing e.V.



Founded by developer and sound designer Fabian Eck and writer and producer Sophie Burger in 2020, Storydive is an app and platform for artistic and literary site-specific audio works. Storydive both creates and publishes audio walks and works with writers,...

Sophie Burger

Sophie Burger

SWS Grand Jury 2024

I am a writer, dramaturge and the founder of the audio walk platform Storydive. With 15 years of experience in realising audio walks and other site-specific formats in the cultural and educational sector, I create my own productions as well as commissioned...

Near Harburger Ring, Hamburg, Deutschland

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