I Don’t Remember Me The Rain


Walking piece details

Duration 23 minutes

I Don’t Remember Me The Rain, a walking piece for Sound Walk September 2020

Sint-Niklaas 04.09.2020. The soundscape ‘I Don’t Remember Me The Rain’ is the result of a walk during a route that I accidentally walked again recently in Sint-Niklaas. It is a subjective reconstruction of a journey that took place in this city years ago.

This sound composition, (a mix of urban and natural sounds), contains memories of conversations and events that took place at the time. Exchanges of views with an artist friend who recently passed away, during this time of the Corona. It is a silent homage to the transitory, to the beauty of friendship, to the sweet melancholy that autumn brings us.

The title is a reference to the fading of the past, but it is also an attempt to hold on to memories, to return to that one day by means of a walk. A walk as a tribute to a beloved walker who walks on in our thoughts.

I consider myself an artistic flaneur who sees walking as an instrument for observation and knowledge, a way for a better understanding of the world or our environment. Starting from this, all kinds of artworks are created with a multidisciplinary attitude.

Stefaan van Biesen

Stefaan van Biesen

SWS Award winner SWS Grand Jury 2024

Since 1990 Stefaan van Biesen has made walks which he documents and displays in drawings, installations, photography, models, texts, videos and photographs. He regards the act of walking as a kind of subjective thought process in the urban and natural land...

Near Melsele, Beveren, Belgium

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