In between distance

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Duration10 minutes

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An audiopaper recorded in Crete, Greece and Quebec, Canada.

Sophie Cabot lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and Vicky Vergou was born in
Greece and lived in the UK for over 20 years. They are both women, artists, thinkers,
all-seasons walkers having both a deep interest in intelligence of nature. Their first
languages are French and Greek accordingly.

Sophie and Vicky initially met in December 2020 at an online forum led by OIKA, an
art and ecology organisation. Having both expressed a need for collaboration they
started to meet regularly online, setting up a joined presentation on walking artists,
followed by an online distant walking event in March 2021. The isolation and
alienation caused by the pandemic led them to continue regularly a dialogue and
geographically synchronised walking. This unexpected encounter had led to a strong
connection between the two artists.

In summer 2021 and winter 2022 two meditative walks took place at the same time
in a 7.800 km distance. Both walks took place next to waterbodies, such as sea and
river, with a purpose both artists to merge with the environment and connect with
each other, practicing some of the OIKA concepts such as narrative, fractals,
continuity and playfulness. They discovered affinities, concerns and common
intentions. They shared skills and joined creativity while speaking both in a second

In between distance is a sound piece created above water and land through invisible
threads. It includes narratives of meditative processes which took place in two
parallel worlds in the north and the south, with an intention to be with the other
person. It refers to stories of how the two people imagine each other even if they
have never met and their exciting distant form of communication. Once you know
you are sharing there is no distance of any kind, “you are not alone”.

Sophie Cabot

Sophie Cabot

Based in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). My creative approach is interdisciplinary integrating relational art, photography, textuality, sound and drawing. I am motivated by collaboration with other artists and community groups from all horizons, in education an...

Vicky Vergou

Vicky Vergou

I am a visual artist inspired by the essence of rural surroundings and the interconnectedness of nature. I create works ranging from drawing, painting and film to photography, installation, voice recording and writing. Vicky graduated with an MA in Contemp...

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