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Duration 32 minutes

In Search of Lost Venues documents some Vancouver, Canada live music venues which no longer exist, through the memories of local musicians who played there. In each episode I will walk through a neighbourhood with one or more Vancouver musicians, past the sites and locations of their favourite venues, places where significant events occurred, both personal and artistic. Walking, talking and remembering where events actually happened is central to the project, to access the layers of memory and history in the streetscape.

By inviting a musician out for a walk I hope to trigger memories, thoughts and stories as we pass through spaces which still exist but no longer contain the actual locations where music shows took place. I concentrate on underground and DIY spaces, the communities that they fostered, and ask questions about what happens to those communities when the space disappears.

The project offers a recording of a new walk every two weeks, with musicians who have played at locations ranging from the 1960s to the 2020s.


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