Invitation to Walk – Hör-Spiel-Spaziergang ‘Kreislauf’ in Berlin-Friedrichshain

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Strausberger Platz, Berlin, Deutschland

Walking piece details

Language German
Cost free

Invitation to Walk Podcast: Kreislauf // Hör-Spiel-Spaziergang (Listening-Play-Walk) // Strausberger Platz

‘Circulation’ is a walk from the podcast series of ‘Invitation to Walk // Audio Game Walks’. The four episodes lead and allure to body-perception experiments while walking. They are intended for individual or collective appropriation of the city – with and through somatics, choreography and artistic research. The content touches on anatomical-physiological aspects of perception, backgrounds from body philosophy and embodiment cognition, history and practices of walking art and performance art, as well as urban history.

This walk is dedicated to the experience of time, inspired by the book Duration and Simultaneity by the French philosopher Henri Bergson. The question here is how experiences of duration become layered into a very personal experience of time, where before and after overlap in a very peculiar way, event peaks stand out, and a flow of now emerges.

Perceptual exercises are suggested during this walk. Make sure that you can also take care of your safety at all times while you are on the walk.

Please make sure that your playback device is sufficiently charged. Use headphones without noice-canceling so you can also hear ambient sounds and choose appropriate, weatherproof shoes & clothing to walk outside comfortably.

This walk is conditionally accessible (there may not be lowered sidewalks everywhere).
If you are vision impaired, I recommend that you take this walk with a sighted person for company.

Alternate location:
Any large square with a traffic circle.

• Hanns Zischler: Auf Sand gebaut – Berlin ist zu groß für Berlin, Tagesspiegel 2010
• Michael Wetzel: Henri Bergson – Ein philosophisches Verständnis von Zeit, Deutschlandfunk 2015
• Franz Hessel: Spazieren in Berlin, Piper 2012
• John Dewey: Kunst als Erfahrung, Suhrkamp 1988
• Detlef Krenz: Schwereloses Kupfer, Friedrichshainer Zeit Zeiger
• Tagesspiegel 2017,
• Kauperts
• Wikipedia
• Nina Schaller: Vögel auf der Flucht: was macht Strauße so schnell?

Concept & narrator: Katja Münker
sound design: Mattef Kuhlmey
Cooperation partners: Tanzfabrik Berlin, Somatische Akademie Berlin
Funded by: Project Funding Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Contact: [email protected]

Katja Münker

Katja Münker

Marŝarto23 shortlisted

Katja Münker Dance | Choreography | Performance | Somatics | Artistic Research | Walking Art | Mountain Guiding Trained as physiotherapist and Feldenkrais practitioner, as well as in contemporary dance, (contact) improvisation and instant composition. A...

Near Strausberger Platz, Berlin, Deutschland

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