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Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal
Walking piece

Invisible Places 2017

ISLAND NEX(US): Arquipélago in an augmented reality sound walk that connects the local communities of São Miguel island with the sounds and stories of island communities in the Asia Pacific region who are facing the true ramifications of climate change. The initial layers of sound walk connect with the Leweton Community and Vanuatu Women’s Water Music who hail from the remote northern tropical islands of Gaua and Merelava in Vanuatu. The soundscapes will be underscored by a cultural ceremony from Sandy Sur, a community leader and researcher who focuses on Vanuatu Water Music and its connection to the environment. Sandy’s research aims to develop a deeper understanding of the role sound plays in the environment and how the Water Music of Vanuatu is deeply inspired by place, nature and culture. This cultural tradition is now evolving in response to rapidly changing climates and can act as a call to action. The experience connects to the soundscapes of coastal and island communities in Australia through hydrophone (underwater) recording and community voices across the ocean. The soundscapes of Noosa Biosphere Reserve are supported by the voice of Lyndon Davis, director of Gubbi Gubbi Dance and traditional custodian of the local region. The sounds, songs and stories in this sound walk explore ecological interconnection, sustainability and the art and science of listening to the environment.

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For further information please contact the artists by email or twitter:
Leah Barclay – [email protected] / @LeahBarclay
Luis Vieira – [email protected] / @luispedrovieir1

APA style reference

Barclay, L. (2017). ISLAND NEX(US): ARQUIPÉLAGO. walk · listen · create.

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