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CC-BY-NC: Hanna Randall

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CC-BY-NC: Hanna Randall

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CC-BY-NC: Hanna Randall

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A piece of short fiction that explores UK city Brighton from the perspective of a neuroqueer person suffering with PTSD, who experiences people and spaces as associative colours. The narrative is accompanied with a background soundscape recorded on a walk around Brighton and Hove.

For anyone with sensory sensitivity/overload, an accessible recording of the narrative is available above without soundscape.

Best listened with headphones.

Walking as a Question

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Hanna Randall

Hanna Randall

Hanna is a fiction writer and PhD researcher at the University of Sussex. She holds an MA in Japanese Studies from SOAS, trained as a costume maker at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and has worked as a professional costume maker in the UK and New Zealan...

Near Brighton, UK

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