mens maakt landschap maakt mens – interactive soundwalk / bicycle route



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22P6+96 IJsselstein, Netherlands

Walking piece details

Language Dutch
Duration 120 minutes
Cost Free
mens maakt landschap maakt mens - interactive soundwalk / bicycle route

mens maakt landschap maakt mens - interactive soundwalk / bicycle route (excerpt)

CC-BY-NC: Arnold Hoogerwerf

An interactive listening experience, based on field recordings and conversations with artists and experts about human interaction with the Dutch cultural landscape in the past, present, and future.

Set against the backdrop of soundscapes recorded in various quiet areas within the “Groene Hart” (Green Heart) area in between Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam, they provide various nuanced perspectives on the challenges currently unfolding within the Dutch landscape in general, and the primal cultural landscape of the Green Heart in particular.

Similar to the old masters of landscape painting, these contemporary artists, while cycling or walking, surrounded by the landscape itself, hold up a mirror to the listener and provide food for thought. They explore how humans have shaped this landscape, but perhaps even more intriguingly, how our interaction with the landscape of the Green Heart over time has also shaped us and contributed to our identity.


Concept & Soundscapes: Arnold Hoogerwerf

Interviews: Dennis l’Ami

With the voices of:
Wumen Ghua
Niels Stomps
Arjan van ‘t Riet
Esther Polak
Ivar van Bekkum

Special thanks to: Amy Stenvert (Museum IJsselstein)

Arnold Hoogerwerf

I'm a media artist, working in the fields of music, theatre and fine arts.

Near 22P6+96 IJsselstein, Netherlands

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