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Grenoble, France

Walking piece details

Duration45 minutes
Cost 5 €

How the memory of a sonic environment impacts our perception of a certain place at a given instant? Where are we located – in time and space – while we walk, while we listen?

This augmented soundwalk investigates our relationship to familiar spots, their history and temporality with respect to the sonic phenomenon.
Direct environmental sounds, recorded sounds, composed sounds blend together, superpose, in a stratification process mediated by the technological tool and by the exploration of multiple listening postures.
In order to approach from a shifted, unique, angle the listening of the urban soundscape that we go through daily.

Created for the World Listening Day 2021.

In cooperation with APNÉES, Association pour la PerformaNce, l’Électroacoustique et les Expérimentations Sonores.

Alessandro De Cecco

Alessandro De Cecco

Alessandro De Cecco (PhD) is a musician, researcher, sound artist based in Grenoble (France). Following his Conservatory Degree in Cello, he initially specializes in the classical repertoire. After moving to France, he starts focusing on the practice of f...

Near Grenoble, France


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