Peel Park Shimmering

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Peel Park, The Crescent, Salford, UK

Walking piece details

Duration 75 minutes
Cost Free

Flood Obelisk

CC-BY-NC: Jo Scott

‘Landscapes shimmer when they gather rhythms shared across varied forms of life’ (Tsing et al. 2017)

This sound walk guides you through Peel Park, in Salford, UK, opening up its past ecologies and present growth through sound and song to bring you into a closer relationship with the trees, plants and wild, weedy beings that live here, and the shimmering rhythms happening between them.


Walk concept, text, vocals and digital sounds: Jo Scott.
Guitar: Scott Millar.

Jo Scott

Jo Scott

SWS Award winner

Jo is a media artist and researcher based in Salford, UK. She makes live audio-visual performances, sound walks, installations and fixed media works. She is currently exploring non and more-than-human wildness in city spaces, particularly in eruptions o...

Near Peel Park, The Crescent, Salford, UK

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