Piteå Open Form Pavilion of Air / Piteå Öppen Form Paviljong av Luft

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Akustikgränd 2, Piteå, Sweden

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An overview of the Open Form Pavilion of Air series via RTÉ Culture (Irish SVT/BBC equivalent):

The Piteå Öppen Form Paviljong av Luft (Piteå Open Form Pavilion of Air) is a floating roof of sound across the Solvåg site in Piteå, triggered by GPS and accessed via a smartphone, headphones and the echoes.xyz app. Inspired by Polish architects Oskar & Zofia Hansen’s “Open Form” architectural concept (ca. 1959), this audiowork is one of 15 locations in 9 countries in the pan-European Open Form Pavilion of Air series, using sound and site-mapping to offer a playful renewal and reframing of public space as an essential place of engagement for the community.

By walking through different zones within the Solvåg, while using your mobile phone, the Echoes app and headphones, you become a participatory listener producing a composition in real-time. Your navigation creates a unique choreography via GPS, combining and changing sounds mapped through the Solvåg through the app. Hear this sub-Arctic location and its context become transformed by the sounds forming this floating acoustic architecture, revealing an immersive, profoundly spatial and physical experience. The Pavilion has no visible presence outside the app and can only be accessed and enjoyed at the Solvåg site in Piteå.


Presented in conjunction with Piteå Science Park, Studio Acusticum, RISE & PiteEnergi

Robert Curgenven

Robert Curgenven

Robert Curgenven is an Ireland-based, Australian-born artist producing albums, performances and installations. His work emphasizes physicality, our embodied response to sound and its correspondence to location, air, weather and architecture. His recorded o...

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