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Duration14 minutes

This Sonic Byte is a 14-minute stroll through a lowland subtropical rainforest wedged between the town of Wingham and the Manning River on the Mid North Coast of NSW (Australia), Wingham Brush Nature Reserve—a place that has survived enormous change since the colonisation of the Manning Valley.

Early one morning on a long weekend, I took time to consider how remarkable this pocket of remnant forest is with its giant fig trees, birdlife, and the noisy, chattering grey-headed flying foxes. My time recording the sounds of Wingham Brush over several days is part of a project exploring the future of regional communities like Wingham, to develop a series of sound-based works for the NSW Regional Futures project, and an exhibition at the Manning Regional Art Gallery, opening 23 March 2023. I recorded this walk on my mobile phone.

On 22 March 2023, I’ll gently guide a walk through Wingham Brush Nature Reserve to the Manning River, following the route of the recorded walk, as part of the public programming for the Manning Regional Art Gallery exhibition. Participants are invited to join me to learn more about deep and reciprocal listening and gain a greater appreciation of this incredible habitat on the doorstep of Wingham.

Listen via the project page –
Also on SoundCloud –
More about Regional Futures – about Kim V. Goldsmith’s

Kim V. Goldsmith

Kim V. Goldsmith

Online Jury 2022 SWS Grand Jury 2023

I'm an Australian-based interdisciplinary artist whose creative output uses sound, video, and writing to explore layers of nuance and complexity within the rural and regional territories in which I work. I'm always looking for new voices and perspectives, ...

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