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Brighton Beach, Part One

Brighton Beach, Part Two

Episode 100 Special

Halloween Special - Danny Robins Guest Episode

“A woman has just suddenly touched her chest, as if remembering that she’s here.”

We don’t make many originals at Fresh Air Production. When we choose to do them, we set a high bar – and so Stopping To Notice is a labour of love for the team.

Miranda Keeling sums up the best things about social media – at a time where it’s getting more divisive everyday, her Twitter account ( inspires community and positivity. Miranda records all the strange and wonderful things that she notices in the world and the result is something really special and unique.

Using binaural sound, this short-form podcast transports you into Miranda’s mind, as she observes everyday pleasures and interactions around her.

The result is Stopping To Notice – five minute episodes that give listeners a soothing 3D audio experience.

As Miranda walks through the world, you hear everything she does as if you were right there with her. You walk with her, you picture what she’s describing, and you hear it all in 360 degrees.

We hope it gives you an opportunity to take a breath and a quick escape from life’s craziness, immersing you in Miranda’s beautiful world for a few minutes.

Do take a listen to our recent special episodes as well. Our 100th episode was presented by Miranda’s wonderful social media community – her followers sent in different observations from their own lives.

We also had a special Halloween Episode, guest hosted by Danny Robins, an award-winning British writer, broadcaster and journalist. He created the podcast Uncanny, where he investigates real-life stories of paranormal encounters, and The Battersea Poltergeist, which re-investigates a paranormal cold case through a blend of drama and documentary.


Presenter - Miranda Keeling
Producer - Oli Seymour
Executive Producers - Neil Cowling and Michaela Hallam
Artwork Designers - Kim Elson and Gemma Rhead
Hosted by: Fresh Air Production

Fresh Air Production

Fresh Air Production

SWS23 shortlisted

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Miranda Keeling

Miranda Keeling

SWS23 shortlisted

Miranda Keeling is a writer, actor, podcaster and voiceover artist. She specialises in observing small moments throughout her day that celebrate the ordinary, and her best-selling book The Year I Stopped to Notice is available in all good bookshops.


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