Traces of Time, walking the Jardins de l’Abbaye de la Cambre in summer


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walking as research.

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Jardin de l'Abbaye de la Cambre, Avenue Emile Duray, Brussels, Belgium

Walking piece details

Cost free to view on website; cost to purchase book

The book “Traces of Time” explores how walking – in particular walking in a park – influences our perception of space and place.

Through a close, meditative, and pedestrian observation of the built and biotic landscape of one of Brussels’ most beloved parks – the Jardins de l’Abbaye de la Cambre – this work highlights the small, almost imperceptible, hourly and daily transformations that mark time’s passing.

The work was photographed in August and September of 2021 while Alexandra was an artist in residence at the Boghossian Foundation – Villa Empain.

The resulting book is a hand-bound, limited edition artist’s book that centers around eight photographic sequences, interspersed with large, single images.

Alexandra Huddleston

Alexandra Huddleston is a photographer, writer, and walking artist. Born in Freetown, Sierra Leone and raised in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, and Bamako, Mali, her upbringing has led her to explore landscape and culture from an international and interdisciplin...

Near Jardin de l'Abbaye de la Cambre, Avenue Emile Duray, Brussels, Belgium

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