Uralla Soundtrail

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Uralla NSW, Australia

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Duration 70 minutes

The much loved town of Uralla has one of the fastest growing populations of the Northern Tablelands. A popular stopping off point en route between Brisbane and Sydney, Uralla is renowned for its long winters, its heritage buildings and its spectacular granite outcrops. Uralla’s collective memory is underpinned by a rich vein of stories that are actively treasured; from the new arts scene in the 70s and antics of the Lone Rock Cafe, to the cycle of boom and bust wool prices in the 50s, right back to the first foundry, gold mining culture and connection to bush rangers. (Most everyone here can spin a tale about Captain Thunderbolt!) The Uralla Soundtrail is a powerful geo locative audio walk that brings alive a heady mix of sounds and stories that span many generations, many people, and many lives. Enjoy!


Hosted by: Soundtrails (The Story Project)

Near Uralla NSW, Australia

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