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walking as research.

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Parnidis-Düne, Curonian Spit National Park, Neringos savivaldybė, Litauen

Walking piece details

Duration 10 minutes
Cost Free
VR landscape

walkingwhiledrawing is an ongoing project which is dealing with our visual perception of surrounding while moving through space and passing by. Instead of regarding the individual as a moving body in a passive surrounding, the space itself is seen in a steady movement as well and so both are passing by and therefore create unique moments of meeting each other.

It is contrasting classic cartography and creates a different narration of depicting places. The research method is drawing with a drawing machine, which is a wooden board with a rollmecanism that allows the walker to draw their perception on drawing scrolls while walking.

To discover a place I focus on different aspects of the landscape and walk it from different angles. The whole drawing documentary then gets translated in 3D objects through VR painting. They are recreating the landscape from multiple perspectives and building an accumulation of drawings that can be walked through in VR. The drawings get transformed in 3D objects by reconstructing the lines of the 2D drawing, which means that they can only be perceptible from the angle they were drawn from.

The landscape that arises represents the perception of the walking and drawing person in a very specific place at a very specific time. walkingwhiledrawing*parnidis dune was made with nine drawing walks in the curonian spit of Lithuania, where I was walking in the shifting dune Parnidis.

Janice Jensen

Janice Jensen

Marŝarto23 shortlisted

visual artist located in Germany. Artistic research on our perception of surrounding when passing by. In her project walkingwhiledrawing she documents her walks while drawing and translates them into VR-painting to built VR-Landscapes that represent her s...

Near Parnidis-Düne, Curonian Spit National Park, Neringos savivaldybė, Litauen

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