Wandering as a discipline

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Agios Germanos, Greece

Walking piece details

A walkshop for Prespa. I investigate the power of ‘not knowing’ and wandering in walking art. Wandering, seen as a discipline of the art of loving the unforseen, the beauty of the problem and the philosophy of failing as a methodology to connect and reconnect with others, the environment and oneself. In this paper, written in a multimodal and multi sensorial way, I connect sound, embodiment, drawings and multi medial storytelling as an ode to the walking soul

I see walking/wandering as a social and philosophical method and embedded in the concept of building an architecture of ‘attention’ spaces. As a teaching or learning method it creates a flexible gaze and the praxis of: listening.
I am a lecturer at the Institute for performative arts in Maastricht and KASK, university of the Arts, Ghent .

In my master seminar ‘Wandering’ I bring students of various disciplines together (composers, painters, actors, instrument builders, fashion designers, film students, illustration, drawing, photographers…) but also managers and people who are in the local refugee center, and ask them to walk for instance the daily routine path of someone else..During the pandemic it was a very intimate way to connect and explore how we make and how we see space.


Hosted by: Walking as a Question

Anna Luyten

Anna Luyten

SWS Grand Jury 2022

Anna Luyten studied at the Unversity of Ghent and the Antwerp University and holds the masters in philosophy, master in applied Literature Science and master in Theatre studies. She is a performative philosopher, writer, teacher, radio- and televisionma...

Near Agios Germanos, Greece

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