Wild Nature Trail

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Manchester, UK

Walking piece details

Duration50 minutes

Singing Buddleia

CC-BY-NC: Jo Scott

This sound walk through central Manchester aims to reveal and highlight the presence and activity of wild nature in the city, particularly in the form of plants, trees and waterways that exist in forgotten or in-between spaces, often in spite of the human activity that dominates or surrounds them.

To find out more about the research underpinning the walk and how it was made, follow this link: https://sway.office.com/oU3x0HvUi2PPmOpc?ref=Link

Jo Scott

SWS Award winner

Jo is a media artist and researcher based in Salford, UK. She makes live audio-visual performances, sound walks, installations and fixed media works. She is currently exploring non and more-than-human wildness in city spaces, particularly in eruptions o...

Near Manchester, UK

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