Yuen Po Street

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Hong Kong

Walking piece details

Language Cantonese, Mandarin
Duration 15 minutes

Bird and human voices mix as I walk through Yuen Po Street Bird Market, Hong Kong. An appreciation of the singing of songbirds has a long tradition in Chinese culture, and the birds are highly vocal, no doubt due in part to their captivity.

The birds’ songs merge with local radio and conversations.

Cantonese is the language spoken in Hong Kong but according to locals, Mandarin is increasingly common and this is understood as a strategy the Chinese mainland government uses to undermine the autonomy of Hong Kong. The current protests demonstrate the huge challenges the small island has in order to retain independence.

With thanks to Alice Wong.

cath clover

cath clover

My multidisciplinary practice addresses communication through voice, language and the interplay between hearing/listening, seeing/reading. Using field recording, digital imaging and the spoken/written word I explore an expanded approach to language within ...

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