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Residencies + Program

06th-19th June NAPOLI

Invitation for proposals [deadline 21 March 2022]


International Contemporary Live Arts Fest
GIVE RISE TO Human Regeneration

Created and Curated by TeatrInGestAzione
Artistic Direction – Gesualdi | Trono
Dramaturg – Loretta Mesiti


Altofest was born in 2011 as an act of resistance, both artistic and political. The aim is to GIVE RISE TO  a community based on the “poetic citizenship” principle. It calls to dialogue all the social components of the human-urban fabric in which it is grafted. It acts as a semantic interference in everyday life, allowing its inhabitants to speak to each other in a neutral language and meet in a shared risk space, daring together in a common space.



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Andrew Stuck

Founder Online Jury 2022 Online Jury 2023

Andrew is the founder of the Museum of Walking, created to bring people together and to make and showcase walking pieces and performances. Andrew also is a podcaster, interviewing creative people who use walking as a catalyst for their practice. Talking Wa...

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Reclaiming the Narrative: a Rewriting of the Census through Quipus

POW Thanet

4 - 6 Mar, 2022

Turner Contemporary, Rendezvous, Margate, Kent, UK

Re-writing the Census is an invitation to think through craft. To acknowledge the omissions of present census categories and to include all those who feel ‘othered’ or omitted.