End of Year 2023 Quiz

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32 questions to challenge your knowledge of what happened in 2023.

Are you a Walking genius or a Walking dunce? Try our fun quiz and share with your friends.

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End of 2023 Quiz

Walking genius or Walking dunce? - test your knowledge of many things walking in our End of 2023 Quiz - good luck!

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1. We announced the winners of the 2022 Sound Walk September Awards in January, and the winner was  Ghosthunter, N16: Are you a ghost hunter? Created by Laura Mitcheson.  It is not the first time she has won, can you name her previous winning piece?

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2. Joanna Wolfarth, winner of the Urban Tree Festival 2023 writing competition led an online walkshop on Ekphrastic poetry - what on earth is that about?

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3. Were you led by the stars? Terri Rueb and Bill Gilbert were guests at a walk · listen · cafe in February. They are both living the midwest of the United States where they experience big and (clear) skies - which are the two states in which they live?

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4. Terminalia is an annual festival of Psychogeography that often celebrates walking - what day does it fall on in 2024?

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5. The most successful artist of 2023 was probably Taylor Swift - she is attributed for having created:

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6. 200 years ago, the novel Mansfield Park was published.  Richard White celebrated the occasion with a walk in Sydney Gardens in Bath, in the footsteps of the author. Who is that author?

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7. British Summer Time walks were created by American, Blake Morris.  He lays down strict rules as to when they can be undertaken. Which of the following must be applied?

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8. Canaveral in Florida is associated with space travel, but it is also host to the Atlantic Centre for the Arts - who is Lady Eve and what did she celebrate there in 2023?

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9. What is Wingham Brush?

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10. He has edited a collections essays on landscape, compered a showcase of short writing, and been a guest at a Walking Writers’ Salon.  He is

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11. What have Figgate, Braid and Bonaly have in common?

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12. What of Walter Benjamin’s possessions went missing?

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13. Hong Kong doesn’t feature often on walk · listen · create, however, walking artist Sinwah Lai performed what there?

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14. Dawn Chorus Weekend is celebrated with a ‘sound camp’ in Britain - where might that be?

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15. Which author, journalist and city dweller celebrated with walks on the anniversary of their birth on the 8th May?

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16. Walking China was a collaborative exhibition with the Out of Eden project - who created the Out of Eden project?

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17. Vivid Sydney was a festival  in which one step at a time like this created a walking piece called “Nocturne”. They also celebrated a reprise of a walking piece they made originally in 2010 for the Edinburgh Festival, that has also appeared as part of London’s Cultural Olympiad in 2012 - what is that walking piece called?

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18. It will be a comprehensive network of walking routes across the whole of Britain - what is it currently called?

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19. Which of these pop stars has walked across Europe?

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20. The first of a series of Trek26s took place in June - charity walks, in aid of which UK charity?

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21. Which UK walking artist who created “Walking with Ghosts” had their work exhibited in New Zealand?

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22. UK-based Amelia Daiz started a new collective of walking artists, called what?

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23.  In a heatwave, 5 Australian walking artists met for the first time and walked together - where?

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24. They walked together in the Eryi mountains. Who and where were they?

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25. Taran Khan wrote 'Shadow City' about walking where?

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26. Geoff Nicholson, author of "The Lost Art of Walking", published a memoir what was it called?

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27. walk · listen · create launched a new Award for Walking Art that used a word meaning ‘wandering art’ - what language is that word?

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28. Saeflod was a walking requiem composed by Helen Ottaway, who had previously made a geo-located walking piece that was reprised in 2023 - what was it called?

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29. Nathania Hartley invites us to Tap the City - how?

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30. Which walking podcast celebrated its 15th year of publication?

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31. Dreamy Walking Prague is a performance walk that begins at

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32. Asked to create a digital artwork in a shipping container, that was to be driven around Sweden, Babak Fakhamzadeh created a walking piece.  What was it called?

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Andrew Stuck

Andrew Stuck

Founder Online Jury 2022 Online Jury 2023

Andrew is the founder of the Museum of Walking, created to bring people together and to make and showcase walking pieces and performances. Andrew also is a podcaster, interviewing creative people who use walking as a catalyst for their practice. Talking Wa...


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