SLQS is a Franco-Vietnamese artist living in East London. Her work questions the politics of space and who is excluded from it. She reclaims space by immersing herself and others in the public realm. SLQS makes and holds space as a woman, a person of mixed heritage, a foreigner, a mother, an artist and an equestrian. She invites her audience to decolonise spatial orders from imperialist, sexist and racist structures.

She works in a wide range of media that includes, but is not limited to, performance, live art, photography, writing, walking and visual art. Her practice is unrestricted and includes being a performance maker, a walking artist, a producer, a curator and a workshop leader.

She is the co-creator of the performance making company Convex. Through immersive sound experiences, they give voice to threatened environments.

SLQS has presented work at MOMA Machynlleth, Street Road Artists Space, Totally Thames, Spitalfields Music, Rich Mix, Procreate Project, the Live Art Development Agency, the Royal College of Art, the Brunel Museum, the Migration Museum and the Attenborough Art Centre. She is currently a member of the Creative Think Tank for UK New Artists and selected member of UKNA New Artist Collective 2022-23 in Lincoln.

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