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2021-05-18 18:00
18:00 UTC
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Eylem Ertürk and Bernd Rohrauer will engage in a dialogue on the methodology of Shared Walks, their research approach and collaborations, in the development of the method and possible use cases, with a focus on local participation, community building and neighbourhood mapping. 

Shared Walks is an initiative that creates encounters by walking in public space. It connects people to walk together, initiates social interactions and creates possibilities for the appropriation of space and participation in cities. Participants walk together in pairs, collect and share observations, impressions, thoughts, feelings, memories, stories, associations etc., and map the area from different perspectives. 

Shared Walks uses a playful method based on a card set of 30 different types of walks that propose minor changes to the way we walk. The cards focus on themes related to senses, perceptions and bodily experiences in public space, personal memories and social histories for collective imagination and narration, personal limits in relation to others in society, awareness on the cultural diversity in cities, discovering the symbolic dimensions of physical spaces and finding comfort in people and places by exploring and discovering public spaces.

Shared Walks can be used in different settings for the purposes of initiating local community participation, non-formal-learning, socio-spatial research, social inclusion, awareness raising, knowledge sharing, team building, public engagement, networking, urban discoveries and playful gatherings. 

Eylem Ertürk

Eylem Ertürk is a researcher, artist and curator living and working in Vienna and Istanbul. She has a background in social design, fine arts photography and cultural management. Since 2005 she has led/initiated/worked in several projects and art instituti...

Bernd Rohrauer

Bernd Rohrauer

Bernd Rohrauer has a background in fine arts, social design and social sciences. Originally based in the fields of painting and video arts, he started collaborating with artists and actors from different disciplines and crossed the bridge from canvas to so...

This café will be moderated by Babak Fakhamzadeh.

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