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21 Jan, 2024

Last week marked the celebration of "Do Nothing Day," organized since 1973 with no specific purpose or structure. Initiated by the late journalist Harold Coffin in the US, the day questions commemorative events and led to the formation of the Nothing Organization, which has of course never held a meeting since its founding. Interesting question is if we have to see the fact that Nothing Day happened all the years till now as a success or as a failure of the original intent?

Participants are encouraged to spend the day without expending effort, either celebrating nothing or embracing life itself with limitless possibilities. A philosophical debate arises on whether something can emerge from nothing, countered by the Realist Society's creation of "There Has Always Been Something Day" (THABS Day).

The concept of Nothing Day is not entirely new, as in 1956, the Mayor of Birmingham proposed celebrating Nothing Week. In today's fast-paced world, deliberately doing nothing faces mixed and even hostile reactions, but Nothing Day serves as an act of rebellion and a license to temporarily slow down.

Interestingly, the question arises: Can you walk on Nothing Day?

Yes, you can. Walking is rebellion. Walking may be one of the last activities in our world of doing that does not need anything, that does not consume anything, in essence walking is the ultimate act of freedom.

But there is still something you could do for walking. Support WLC today, allowing us to support our community, you.

And take a walk, it makes all the difference.

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2024-01-23 19:00 · Online
We open the walk · listen · cafe doors in January, to explore a cultural history of the Black Country through the lens of walking artist and photographer Tom Hicks.... Keep reading
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To walk firmly: Dere dey wir, strampin back an fore.

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