4th world congress of Psychogeography

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We suspect that the period of confinement has, for most people, been a profound experience. And obliged almost all of us to alter our relationship with time and space. Enforced leisure and heightened vigilance has opened new vistas to many. People have listened to birdsong for the first time, or ventured down a strange footpath, noticed mysterious markings on an old building or simply remarked upon the quality of the air.

As restrictions loosen and we return to old patterns, much of this sensibility will be re-submerged, but surely vestiges will remain to define whatever becomes the ‘new normal’. Our theme “Walk, Don’t Walk” expresses that central paradox.

This year’s congress will be a space for you to express your own take on that.

Date 04/09/2020
End 06/09/2020
Website URL
Location Huddersfield, UK

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