A Sound Walk, together

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Exwick, Exeter, UK

Event details

2020-09-19 14:00
14:00 UTC

Saturday 19th September
at 3pm

A SOUND WALK, together
in Exwick, Exeter, UK

group of 3 + Emma Welton
about an hour
a short, circular walk, with pauses

very local
minimal conversation
listening together

helping each other to attend to what’s there

If you would like to come, send me a message.

In the case of bad weather, the walk will be postponed.

Emma Welton

Emma Welton

Emma Welton is a composer and performs on violin and viola. With Icebreaker she has performed contemporary music internationally, including at New York City’s Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Centre, with Brian Eno at the Brighton International Festival, an...

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