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Braid Burn, Edinburgh, UK

Event details

2023-04-22 09:00
09:00 UTC

A series of monthly walks with two additional workshops:
Workshops: 15th April, 12th August – 10am-1pm (location tbc)
Walks: 22nd April, 20th May, 24th June, 22nd July – start time: 10am, finish time: approx 4-5pm.*

Walking from mouth to source along three adjoining burns: Figgate, Braid and Bonaly, these walks take their inspiration from the way of water – its flow and healing powers – and the poetry to be found in the name Braid Burn:

Burn (landform):

Large stream or small river

Braid (transitive verb):

To make from braids
To form (three or more strands) into a braid
To mix and intermingle; to braid fact with fiction

Burn (intransitive verb):

To contain a fire
To produce or undergo discomfort or pain
To yearn ardently; burning to tell the story

The story we’ll be telling, or rather, the story we’ll be walking, concerns our collective sense of what it means to live within a climate and ecological crisis, and how walking a watercourse might enable us to live that question now with rejuvenated purpose and joy.

Questions we’ll be asking include the following: in a time of climate and ecological crisis what qualities, human and more-than-human, might we braid to ensure our planetary survival? What can we learn from walking this particular watercourse? Why walk from mouth to source: upstream and in search of something we may never find?

Over the course of four walks and two additional workshops we’ll be exploring these questions, and more, through walking, drawing, poetry, and conversation. Participants are encouraged to bring their own resources to our collective endeavour: a singer brings their voice, a photographer their camera, an ecologist their know-how.

The walks will be guided by our encounter with water, curated by Jonathan Baxter (artist-curator), with contributions from Helen Boden (writer and workshop leader), Sarah Gittins (visual artist and workshop leader), and James Spence (haiku poet). Participants will be encouraged to reflect on each month’s walk and, if they wish to, contribute creative outcomes towards an exhibition for Art Walk Porty 2023 and a follow-up publication.

*The first three walks are on flat ground and mostly follow established pathways. The final walk takes in the Pentland Hills where paths are mostly well established but include some pathless walking and a gentle climb. We encourage sign-up for all of the walks and workshops, but if that is not possible please get in touch to discuss alternative arrangements. For more information about the walks and/or to reserve a place, please contact Jonathan at jb4change[at] Places are limited so early booking is advised.

Helen Boden

Helen Boden

Born on the edge of the Pennines & based on the edge of the Pentland Hills, I'm a poet, educator and editor. My first full collection, A Landscape To Figure In (Red Squirrel Press, 2021), examines place & identity through writing about maps, signs,...

Near Braid Burn, Edinburgh, UK

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