London soundscapes across a century – The London Street Noises project

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2020-09-17 18:30
18:30 UTC

A presentation of the London Street Noises project on Thursday the 17th of September at 7.30pm

Please join our online Zoom meeting at this address – Password: y0Ztn8

Please note that this online meeting will be recorded for future sharing on our Youtube channel. If you do not want to appear on video but still want to attend the event and interact via the audio connection or the chatbox to ask questions, please simply do not switch on your webcam. A Recording Disclaimer will also appear on your screen when the recording starts.

Cost: FREE


– 7.30pm Introduction by Mattia Cobianchi

– The origins of the project, the finding of the discs, commander Daniel and the Daily Mail initiative by Prof John Drever

– An account of the Daily Mail investigation in the context of noise abatement history by Aysegul Yildirim

– Q&A

– 8.10pm Break

– 8.15pm The recording process in 1928 and in 2018 by Mattia Cobianchi

– Guest speaker (TBC)

– Q&A


We are glad to present you a soundscape time-machine that makes available on a web-based soundmap historical soundscape recordings from 1928 plus more recent ones, including 2020 lockdown. This will allow you to appreciate how the urban soundscape has changed and to reflect on what should be our aim for the future.

The presentation will cover the historical context of 1928 London and the concerns about noise raised at the time, a short history of the Daily Mail and Commander Daniel project, an overview of the technical equipment used for the recording process, and a comparative analysis of the different eras` recordings to reflect on how the soundscape has changed across the century.

Project developed by:
-Aysegul Yildirim, John Drever & Mattia Cobianchi from Goldsmiths University Sound Practice Research Group
-Carmen Rosas Pérez from Heriot-Watt University

Mattia Cobianchi

Mattia Cobianchi

I`m an acoustic and transducer engineer, with a professional life in audio and an academic life in adaptive soundscape composition thanks to a doctoral collaborative award at Goldsmiths University of London. I`m interested in everything related to vibrat...

John Levack Drever

SWS Advisory Board 2021 SWS Grand Jury 2022 SWS Grand Jury 2023

Operating at the intersection of acoustics, audiology, urban design, sound art, soundscape studies, and experimental music, Drever’s practice represents an ongoing inquiry into the perception, design and practice of everyday environmental sound. He has a...

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