River Echoes : Deep Listening Walk #2

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Bristol, UK

Event details

2021-09-05 13:00
13:00 UTC

Join artist Kathy Hinde on a walk to listen to Bristol from an underwater perspective using hydrophones. Listen at Bathurst Basin, a former millpond that forms part of the floating harbour close to where the river Frome culvert re-joins the tidal Avon Cut.

Kathy will be joined by Dr. Ana Castro-Castellón, who describes herself an agent of water remediation and says, “I use nature, its physco-chemical and biological principles to remediate freshwater anthropogenic pollution and improve water quality for humans and wildlife”. Ana will share some insights into the benefits of reedbeds for water quality as we listen to the one recently installed at the Basin.

River Echoes Deep Listening Walks are transmitted live onto wireless headphones offering an enhanced listening experience of a live mix between the usually inaudible underwater soundscape and amplified sounds of the surroundings interspersed with a conversation between the walking guides.

For more details and how to book a place visit the weblink provided

Highlights from the Listening walk will be available to listen to as a podcast after the event.

River Echoes is part of a collective investigation into Bristol’s waterways. A project by Kathy Hinde with producer Sam Francis, Commissioned by Ginkgo, and sponsored by Bouygues UK.

Kathy Hinde

Kathy Hinde

Kathy Hinde’s work grows from a partnership between nature and technology expressed through audio-visual installations performances and walks that often combine sound, sculpture, image and light. Drawing on inspiration from behaviours and phenomena found...

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