1831 Riot!

CC-BY-NC: Ralph Hoyte
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Queen Square in Bristol was host to one of Bristol’s historic riots, which you can now explore with this GPS-triggered audio play – which was a world first when it was first made in 2004.

Move around Queen Square to hear the sounds of the riot, as the story unfolds around you.

This version of 1831 RIOT! is a Satsymph remake of the groundbreaking 2004 version for updated media. Coding and audio-engineering is by Satsymph’s Phill Phelps. Satsymph are contemporary classical composer, Marc Yeats, writer and poet Ralph Hoyte, coder, audio-engineer and musician Phill Phelps. Ralph Hoyte idea-initiated the original project and 1831 RIOT! was then co-created by Liz Crow and Ralph Hoyte for Mobile Bristol with Hewlett-Packard Labs and the University of Bristol.

Since 2018
Hosted by The Regional History Centre at the University of the West of England, Bristol
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Location Queen Square, Bristol, UK
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