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Aboriginal Diggers Soundtrail, Moree NSW

39 Greenbah Rd, Moree NSW 2400, Australia
35 minutes
Sound walk

You are standing on sacred ground, Kamilaroi ground. Beneath your feet are the remains of 220 Aboriginal people, 120 children among them, many who never made their first birthday. Most here were buried here between the years of 1940 and 1968. This was at the height of segregation, opportunities for Aboriginal people were few and lives were carefully controlled by the white authorities. Beneath the plinths, the plaques and headstones stories from this time are unfolding: the Archdeacon who determined Aboriginal people ought to have their own burial section; the young Aboriginal men who signed up to fight for king and country, who these extraordinary men were and the life to which they returned; and how this site, once flood damaged, bare and neglected, is now meticulously documented and newly restored. Soundtrails is a geo locative audio experience and we invite you to come on this journey, walk this land with respect, and discover for yourself its many rich and hidden layers.

Join an Open walk of this site at 11.00am on Monday 2 September 2019.


Hosted by: Soundtrails (The Story Project)

APA style reference

Herden, L. (2015). Aboriginal Diggers Soundtrail, Moree NSW. walk · listen · create.

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