Head, Hand and Heart

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Duration 40 minutes
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Head, Hand and Heart: A Geo-Locative Sound Walk is a playful, time-traveling audio walk that invites us to rediscover our true nature and a fresh re-membering as we re-connect Head, Hand and Heart to the unheard voices of land and culture.

With the help of a hybrid robot named AWMI-M3-4170, local soundscapes, and insights from Oika founder Dr. Rich Blundell and Wampanoag artist Robert Peters, the experience reimagines the stories of Nantucket’s Native voices and enchantments.

The walk begins at Maria’s birthplace (1 Vestal St.) and moves through town, to the Wampanoag Stomp Grounds, ocean, and culminates at the Maria Mitchell Gallery at 33 Washington St. Nantucket.


Curious Lightning created, produced, and performed "Head, Hand and Heart" with special guests Dr. Rich Blundell and Wampanoag Artist Robert Peters with support from Oika and The Maria Mitchell Association.
Curious Lightning is Cinema Wood and Dakota Clearwater La Croix.

Dakota LaCroix

Dakota LaCroix

Online Jury 2022 Online Jury 2023

Dakota La Croix’s creations are sparked by a radical curiosity for discovering beyond the senses and the power of story to explore a deeper meaning. His creative adventures have lead him to walk and document people for ten months in America and Canada...

Curious Lightning

Curious Lightning

Curious Lightning Nantucket is Cinema Wood and Dakota Clearwater LaCroix. Their cinematic audio creations are sparked by a radical curiosity that seeks to explore storytelling and story listening as an invitation beyond the traditional narrative story stru...

Near 1 Vestal St, Nantucket, MA, USA

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