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SWS23 2023

I just needed something a little bit… more

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Sound walk

Why do people go on long distance walks? What are they seeking? What happens to you during the process? Can it change you? This piece follows Charlotte on the South West Coast path in Cornwall at a complicated time in her life. We hear her both as narrator and her voice notes from the time, which give us a sense of really being with her on her journey and her inner thought process. The piece also has voices from other women who have sought out their own solace on walks, who’s guidance and experience informs Charlotte as she walks. It also touches on the challenge of how to re-integrate into society after having has such a powerful experience. Its an immersive piece which makes listeners really feel like they have been part of the process too!

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Charlotte Petts (2023). I just needed something a little bit… more. walk · listen · create.

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A place to gaze. Conspectuses are viewpoints where the terrain opens itself naturally to the viewer, where the eye can thread in and out of the circle of hills, and names suggest a narrative sequence offering the possibility of beginning to know where you are. Traditional conspectus include suidhe (Gaelic, seat), used to view hunting.

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