Inside Mphil – St. Nikolai

CC-BY-NC: Mathis Nitschke
SWS19 · Honourable mention
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With the free app “INSIDE MPHIL – St. Nikolai” you can experience the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra virtually on the meadow behind the church of St. Nikolai near the Munich Gasteig as if the musicians were set up there. With the GPS-connected smartphone and headphones you enter the orchestra acoustically and hear the instruments as if you were standing next to them, just as the musicians hear themselves and their colleagues: the violins, the oboe, the timpani or whatever you want to hear. This is made possible by the sophisticated smartphone app by sound designer Mathis Nitschke and violist Gunter Pretzel.

You can listen to a recording of the fourth movement of the Spring Symphony by Robert Schumann, recorded with the Munich Philharmonic in March 2019 under the baton of Pablo Heras-Casado.

Since 2019
Language German
Hosted by Munich Philharmonic Orchestra
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Twitter @MathisNitschke
Duration 12 minutes
Location Gasteig, Munich, Germany

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