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Mandala is a participatory sound performance for audience members, portable sound devices and combinations of shapes demarcated on the performance floor.

Part immersive sound composition, part intimate choreography, part group meditation, Mandala asks how we might exist and interact with each other when there is nothing left to do but walk.

The piece gives audience members agency over the work, through inviting them to create a collective choreography of a moving soundscape that provokes and highlights the small important moments of human interaction. As audience members fall in and out of being passive and active agents within the performance, the piece playfully interrogates the nonverbal social interactions, relationships, and structures of a temporary community of participatory audience members.

Mandala was commissioned by Oxford Contemporary Music and premiered at Audiograft Festival in March, 2016. The piece was awarded 2nd place at the international Cross Awards held in Verbania, Italy. Further performances include Montag Modus Series, Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin, NOW’16 Festival, The Yard Theatre, London, We Are Now Festival, Roundhouse London, Festival Internacional de Musica Experimental, Sao Paolo, Reality Research Festival, Budapest, Sonorities Festival, Belfast, HUBS Immersive Festival, Hague, Mais Imaginarius Festival, Santa Maria de Feira, Contact Zones Festival Bornholm, Water Festival, Burgas, Open Festival, Budapest, Kolorádó Festival, Nagykovácsi, Bergama Theatre Festival Bergama, Turkey.

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Somló, D. (2016). Mandala. walk · listen · create.

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If you sleepwalk, or just like to stroll about after dark, you have a tendency to noctambulate, or walk around at night. Credits to Mark Peters.

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