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Walking piece details

Language no languages, just music
Duration 25 minutes
Cost no cost

A piece by composer Jonas Jurkūnas. About the city that we do not see, and do not experience on the regular basis. However, this city is as real as the everyday world, that we are used to.
This walking piece invites to hear the musical soundscapes of the Lukiškės square, the place that is loaded with present, past or even future histories, using the Echoes app.
Every path, and tree have their unique sonic space, that overlaps, and is mixed with your legs, as you move.
The Lukiškės square has experienced a series of transformations: from being a uburb in the 17th century, to a city market square, to an execution place in 19th century, to a Lenin square during Soviet occupation of Lithuania, and finally to a modern and open city square, with green and cosy areas, also open and rhythmic parts full of pedestrians and skaters.


Jonas Jurkūnas



Jonas Jurkūnas is a composer keen on discovering and exploiting very different layers of musical creativity, from academic to pop and incidental music. Genre-wise, his creative portfolio includes chamber and orchestral pieces as well as electronic music, ...

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