Soundwalk Whitehorse

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Yukon 1, Whitehorse, YT Y0B, Canada

Walking piece details

Duration60 minutes
No longer available

Join us for a soundwalk along the banks of the Yukon River, from Robert Service campground to Chambers House in Shipyards Park. Along the way, we will listen to the sounds around us — the movement of the river, birdsong, the rustling of leaves and flowers, the rush of traffic, the sounds of our footsteps. You may have walked this route many times — this time, we will make listening (rather than seeing) the focus. Sound ecologist Hildegard Westerkamp describes a soundwalk as “any excursion whose main purpose is listening to the environment [by giving] our ears priority”. We will seek to listen more deeply to our environment, as a means of connecting to it, as the root for artistic practice, or simply for the pleasure of it. Everyone is welcome!

You are welcome to bring a recording device if you wish, to make field recordings along the way, but all you need to bring is yourself and your ears!

Near Yukon 1, Whitehorse, YT Y0B, Canada

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