The Beats Tours

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Liverpool, UK

Walking piece details

Language German, Norwegian, Russian, Portugese, Japanese, Danish, French, Swedish, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch
Duration 180 minutes
Cost Free

Discover the world of The Beatles and the city of Liverpool.

Download the Locatify SmartGuide app and download The Beats Tour in your desired language.

The self-guided tour can then be enjoyed at your pace, either on-location with GPS audio triggering or from the comfort of home as a “virtual tour”.

For the ultimate experience, book yourself a chauffeur-driven tour experience in a replica of John Lennon’s psychedelic Rolls Royce Phantom V. In this tour, the audio guide is played via the car’s sound system.


Hosted by: Locatify



Kiwi based in Amsterdam 🥝 Interested in tech, startups, travel, history, psychology, philosophy, and most things in between. Helping people tell stories through location-based apps at Locatify.

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