The Oblations II

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Plaka, Athens, Greece

Walking piece details

Duration 60 minutes

An augmented reality walk and installation in which you, via the use of your smartphone, transform objects and places in poetry, images and sounds.
Beginning with a live performance-installation in the theatre Karolos Koun, the experience continues outdoors as a performative sound -augmented reality walk with texts of Homer, Kazantzakis, Solomos, Elytis, Seferis and Kavafis.

Walking performers: Nefeli Stamatogiannopoulou and Panagiotis Lezes

During the walk along the Plaka district of Athens towards the Acropolis, letters transform into poems in sounds and videos, hidden in small pilgrim’s pouches along the road.

A hybrid media and sound walk – performance by Geert Vermeire and Aliki Arnaouti.

Sound walk on Locosonic:

Geert Vermeire

Geert Vermeire

Founder Online Jury 2022 Online Jury 2023 Online Jury 2024

Geert Vermeire is a curator, poet and artist, moving constantly between Greece, Portugal and Brazil, with a focus on spatial writing, locative sound & performance and social practices. He develops collaborative processes, departing from the ethical in...

Near Plaka, Athens, Greece

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