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SWS22 2022

The Temple of Hermes

Ralph Hoyte
Parc de la Devesa, Passeig de la Devesa, Girona, Spain

Walking Arts and Relational Geographies

5 - 9 Jul, 2022 · 45 items
Sound walk
No longer available

The Temple of Hermes: you are honoured: few are allowed to enter, and none leave unaltered, for he is a mercurial god. Satsymph have laid out his Temple in Girona, and your smartphone is your sole means of access. BEFORE you even try to access his temple, you have to download an app from a fast wifi connection, then follow the instructions below. The soundscape is a fusion of contemporary classical music and poetry. It reacts to your location, to your movements and orientation in space. Play with it, see what happens! Welcome to Hermes, his Temple!

Max number of participants: Unlimited – anyone with the app can access The Temple of Hermes

Duration: Ralph Hoyte will introduce The Temple of Hermes at the picnic in the Parc de la Devesa. Participants are then let free to experience it on their own. Feedback is appreciated! The app is not time-limited.

Needs: smartphone with headphones

Download Instructions

Using a wifi connection:

Download ‘SatsymphQR’ from the Appstore or GooglePlay to your smartphone (it’s free)

Open the app. Choose ‘Scan QR’ and point camera at the QR code:

This will download ‘Girona’ to the library.

Anywhere within the Parc de la Devesa open ‘SatsymphQR’, choose ‘Select from Library’ and click ‘Girona’. This starts the experience.

Put on your headphones. You can either just put your phone in your pocket and wander slowly through the Parc, navigating with your ears; or you can follow the arrow on your phone screen. The soundscape is interactive and will respond to your movements and orientation. Be experimental – play with the soundscape, see what it does!

You will need headphones or earbuds. Make sure the ethereal signal from Mount Olympus (aka your GPS) is enabled. The GPS signal will trigger the sounds. PLEASE TAKE CARE WHEN USING THE APP: WATCH OUT FOR OTHER PEOPLE, OBSTACLES, DOGS, BIKES ETC!

Location: Parc de la Devesa, together with a picnic


Satsymph is Marc Yeats, contemporary classical composer, Ralph Hoyte, located audio designer, poet and writer, Phill Phelps, coder, audio engineer and musician. Our collective’s soundart practice involves creating site-specific interactive soundworlds which fuse poetry and music or which re-imagine historical events from multiple POVs.
You wander WITHIN the sound.

APA style reference

Hoyte, R. (2022). The Temple of Hermes. walk · listen · create.

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fat man’s folly

A narrow gap in a drystone wall or rock face ie one a fat man would be foolish to try to get through. A number exist in the Lake District bearing that specific name but it is also a general term in Cumbria for any narrow gap.

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