Walking piece details

Duration 90 minutes

TrailOff features interactive audio dramas, free to download through a cutting-edge app, that unfold on nature trails. Each original story is written by a compelling author who brings a new and diverse perspective to getting outdoors. The app your phone’s technology to transport you into an augmented reality world that syncs to your movements as you walk a trail. Each story is uniquely crafted for its site, written by incredible local authors who will explode the way you think about taking a walk outside. Created by Swim Pony and the PA Environmental Council, this FREE project aims to diversify the stories we imagine when we think about the environment.

If you’re unable to visit the stories at the actual site, feel free to check out a static version of them on spotify:

Or check out this website with video samples of audio with folks walking the trails in real time:


Adrienne Mackey

Adrienne Mackey

Swim Pony creates unique and deeply investigated live experiences that defy tradition, and invite audiences to become curious, critical thinkers in the world. A leader in works merging theater and game design, Swim Pony has recently launched experiences...

Near Pennsylvania, USA

  • Kompl

    Kompl at INTERFACE/LANDSCAPE 2016 New Media Exhibition

    · 15 Dec, 2016
  • Don Gill - Walking

    Day 169 – Sacred Buffalo Stone / Country Club

    Don Gill
    · 2 Sep, 2020
  • Don Gill - Walking

    Day 1041 – Sacred Buffalo Stone / Mokowans

    Don Gill
    · 13 Feb, 2023
  • Walking Piece SWS23

    Last Listener at the Mid Atlantic Frost Fair

    Tony Onuchukwu
    · Since 2023

    Écrire le parcours pour mieux installer l’écoute

    Gilles Malatray
    · 29 Oct, 2021

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