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Messe, Kastanienweg, Leipzig, Germany

Walking piece details

Language German
Duration 60 minutes

While listening to The truth you step in the shoes of Josie to discover the famous book fair in Leipzig in 2071. in just a few minutes, she is to guide an international audience around the fairgrounds. It soon becomes clear that the Leipzigers are not hiding their viewpoints much to Josi’s annoyance, whose ideal world backdrop is crumbling more and more.


Lilith Diringer
Hosted by: storydive

Near Messe, Kastanienweg, Leipzig, Germany

  • Walking Event SWS22

    SCHRITTWEISE – Choreographing City

    Katja Münker
    · Katja Münke... · 29 Sep - 2 Oct, 2022
  • soundmarker

    1. Preis beim Audiowalk-Award 2022 geht an zurückERZÄHLT, ein dekolonialer Hörspaziergang durch den Berliner Treptower Park

    Ruben Kurschat
    · 2 Sep, 2022
  • base80

    Circle Altenburg IPIHAN#8

    · 15 Sep, 2018

    Talk in Halle: Multilocality and urban-rural meshworks

    · 9 Jul, 2018
  • Post

    Audiowalk-Award 2024

    Babak Fakhamzadeh
    · 12 Dec, 2023

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