Über die unerträgliche Vieldeutigkeit des Seins

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Völksen, Springe, Deutschland

Walking piece details

Impressions of the Soundwalk

The Soundwalk | Exhibition takes place on the Hermannshof in Völksen, Springe, Germany and its immediate surroundings. It’s a selfguided tour through the neighborhood with sound by SonicMaps: https://sonicmaps.xyz/player/?p=848

There are numerous on site intervention, installations and artwork to be found which – together with the location based spoken texts, athmospheric sound and music – tell a complex story about the Hermannshof itself, its history, about truth and fake.
The whole experience can take anything between one and three hours and depends very much on the viewers motivation to discover the area and dive into this immersive experience.

You can find a documentation video with some impressions here:



my artistic practice revolves around my immediate sub/urban surroundings; looking for immanent aesthetic or narrative facets in places, situations and objects, that exceed their superficial appearance. i am highlighting these aspects through isolation or e...

Near Völksen, Springe, Deutschland

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