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SWS23 2023

Walking the Burn of Vaara

Clousta, Shetland, UK


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Sound walk

Walking on a very windy walk along the Burn of Vaara in Clousta, beginning at Clousta loch and ending at Vaara loch. Walking with the sound of the wind, and rushing, trickling, running, lapping water, tributaries dividing and sub-dividing, finding their way through channels in heather and grass.

Battling against the gusts, trying to keep our balance as we tred un-firm and water-sodden ground, and climbed over fences. Every so often a startled bird rises from the ground to whirl away into the air.

We pause at the site of a ruined click mill, watching water swirling and cascading down over large stones. Then on upwards to the edge of the loch, where, pushed by the strong wind, waves form on the surface, and race in to send spray up over the rocks into the air.

Sandwiches are eaten in the shelter of rocks at the edge of Vaara loch, a respite from being blown about and from the noise.

I made a few drawings on site, and take some film and sound recordings. The film, below.

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Kerr, J. (2023). Walking the Burn of Vaara. walk · listen · create.

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A workshop with walking at its focus.

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