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Walking piece details

a programme / a listen / a contemplation / my exploration of embodied movement / walking / movement in place / in air / distance through time
starting in March 2022
broadcast on the first Saturday of each month
episodes 1 to 7
“four Northumberland rants”
No 2: “no trace” in the waters of a Northumberland River
4 Island Reels
No 1: “trace”
Callanais: A Walk in Five Circles
an Orford Replication
A Walk Round Contención Island

Martin Eccles

Martin Eccles

I am a walking sound artist and poet who lives in Newcastle upon Tyne in the north-east of England. My practice aims to reflect the experience of my presence in and walking through natural environments. I uses a range of methods (predominantly sound and t...

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3.00 PM 04/02/2023 Resonance EXTRA – walkplacedistancetime

1 Feb, 2023

Walking Piece
A Mull Sound Walk by Tobermory High with the BBC LAB

BBC LAB (BBC Scotland)

Isle of Mull, United Kingdom

Join the pupils of Tobermory High as they guide us round the sounds and stories to be heard on the beautiful Isle of Mull. The sound walk also includes clips from two original songs written and performed by the pupils and Roddy Woomble (Idlewild).

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Day 80 Thursday March 25th

25 Mar, 2021

Walking Piece
Traces of Time, walking the Jardins de l’Abbaye de la Cambre in summer

Jardin de l'Abbaye de la Cambre, Avenue Emile Duray, Brussels, Belgium

Author: Alexandra Huddleston Published, November 2022 Medium: Artist Book / Photography Website: https://www.alexandrahuddleston.com/traces-of-time-artist-book

Walking Piece SWS19
Walking Piece
Soundwalkscapes: March 2023

Another Soundwalkscape using my rule of recording my walk on the first Monday of every month in 2023. This one- the third- is narrated and follows the route of one of New York's "lost rivers": the Minetta Creek.

Walking Event SWS20
Walking slowly while recording the unseen

2020-09-17 18:00


Get behind the microphone to discover how one makes compelling audio recordings that engage both armchair listeners and those of us out and about on foot. We are delighted to have brought together four creatives who have travelled to remote places, revealed hidden histories, and captured the soundscapes and voices of past and present, to enable us to sit back in comfort or stride forward to listen to what is unseen.

Walking Piece SWS20
The 42 walks of Contención Island

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

walk · listen · café
Pandemic walking

2021-07-17 18:00


This cafe conversation centers on academic research and artistic practices that investigate the act of walking as shaped by pandemic conditions.

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Second week of Mycelium

28 Aug, 2022

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Day 77 Monday March 22nd

22 Mar, 2021

Walking Piece SWS21
Walking Contención Island

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK