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Featured 3 Aug, 2022

Our first artist in residence is Pedro Freitas

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Earlier this year, we partnered with Clara Gari of Nau Côclea, to offer our first sound walk art residency, in Catalonia.

This Artist in Residence (AiR) program will run for two weeks, the last week of September, and the first week of October, coinciding with Sound Walk September 2022.

We received a good number of submissions, which, as always, made for a difficult selection process.
Perhaps we should offer everyone a residency. But, until we have the moneys to do so, we decided to, for now, we can only afford to stick to offering the position to one of the excellent submissions we received.

We’re very pleased to welcome Pedro Freitas as our first Artist in Residence. Pedro is a Brazilian graphic designer, musician, and writer. He enjoys projects that mix different disciplines, particularly sound culture, design history, music history, and people’s experience with sound objects, both digital and physical.

Residency programs tend to be fluid affairs, and we are very keen to see where Pedro’s plans will take him during his stay in Catalonia.

His initial objective is to construct a speculative-historical composition of the village of Camallera, based on its sound environment. Inventing one’s own processes of connection with a place is a theme that has been present in Pedro’s research since he arrived in Spain, from Brazil.

As an immigrant, he tries to take advantage of the concept, and sensations, of distance, to generate new meanings of approach. For Pedro, two returning concepts have been sound walking and speculative fabulation, and he will use the residency to establish an in-situ hybridity between these two main threads.

The historical basis of these processes he will build from publications about the region, such as the book The Iberian rural settlement of Saus (Girona), written by Josep Casas and Victória Soler.

Pedro will come to Catalonia in September. Keep an eye out for the fruits of his labour, as well as an upcoming café in which he will discuss his work.

Pedro, welcome!

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  1. Hey Chris. Can’t say for sure, yet. We’re hoping around the same time as this one, which was early May. But, it will also depend on budgets and funding :/

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