Drifting through sounds and the outer world, finding oneself


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2021-01-12 19:00
19:00 UTC
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Carina Pesch, aka La Pesch, co-curator of GERÄUSCHKULISSE in Leipzig, and shortlisted for the Sound Walk September 2020 Award for her work The Ears May Travel, and walk · listen · create, invite you to reflect upon the specific nature of sound traveling – be it in music, soundscapes, sound walks, or any other sound experience.

As a sound and voice artist, radio maker, and curator, Carina’s horizon of sound works is wide – in form but also in content. She does radio documentary and radio fiction, improvised and scripted pieces, sound walks and audio walks, field recording compositions and soundscapes, sound installations and performances – all solo, as well as collectively. Anything that ‘sounds’ highly fascinates her. Carina has learnt from Petschinka, Antje Vowinckel, Hans Peter Kuhn, Christina Kubisch, Chris Watson, and many others. Like a sponge she absorbs their different approaches and combines them to an intuitive new whole.

During this presentation and discussion, Carina will try to answer what connects all these different approaches, what holds together her diverse works in the core, where the fascination for the acoustic stems from, what the specific character of sound is for her, and, yes, walking will also be an integral part of the event.
Movement of body and mind, curiosity, listening as a means of understanding, the relationship of experiencing and observing, and how to transform experience into voice, will all be discussed.

La Pesch


Carina Pesch (born 1983) studied Social Anthropology, Political Sciences, and Philosophy at the University of Leipzig and at the Orient Institute Beirut. La Pesch's art works range between fiction and reality, always with a strong sense for the specific ch...

Join us for an intimate approach towards an artist’s world, and an in-depth exploration of moving acoustics.
This event will be moderated by Geert Vermeire.

GERÄUSCHKULISSE is a registered non-profit association in Leipzig, Germany. It promotes the sounding arts and fascination for the acoustic world. The makers of radio fiction, radio documentary, and any kind of sound art are invited to present their work and discuss it with the audience. Workshops and other formats of mutual learning and exchange are offered. The NGO has a strong sense for community – in its talk concept and its projects. Since 2016 its three curators also produce art works and sound walks together as GERÄUSCHKULISSE Kollektiv. They have been honoured with various residencies and awards.

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