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2021-07-16 18:00
18:00 UTC
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Marcel Mauss’s short and suggestive 1934 essay on the “techniques of the body” pointed out that the most ordinary movements and gestures of the human body are learned rather than natural.  Cultures around the world have found extraordinarily diverse ways of performing fundamental human actions such as sitting, standing, squatting, bending, or walking.  With the human body as an instrument, the human walker plays a variety of songs, with different rhythms, metres, and cadences, which grow from and impart different sociological, psychological and political meanings.  The artists and scholars on this panel explore both the possibilities and the presumptions of walking as a technique of the body.  What is the world assumed by a walker?  What world does a walker bring into being? How do the measures of the walking body equally propel thought or facilitate mourning?  Is walking a visual or a haptic technology? Can the design of our environments reflect neurodiversity? 

Speakers are ( Rui Filipe Antunes (Portugal), Yannis Christidis and Efi Kyprianidou (Cyprus), Hanna Randall (UK) and Simon Piasecki (UK), moderated by Radhika Subramaniam, Associate Professor of Visual Culture, Parsons School of Design/ The New School, New York (US).

Left foot, right foot by Yannis Christidis and Efi Kyprianidou (Cyprus)

Linaceae by Hanna Randall (UK)

A Secular Pilgrim: Discussing the Efficacy of Pain and Suffering in Endurance Walking by Simon Piasecki (UK).

“Walking downtown Lisbon without the presence of the eye” by Rui Filipe Antunes (Portugal):

Presentation (15′)

Associated material – a 37 minutes long mosaic portrait of the walk.

Walk Listen Café @ WAC brings scholars and artists together around their research and their practices related to walking arts in a series of 8 online meet ups and conversations. Prerecorded paper presentations and other media will be available in this post at least 48 hours before the Walk Listen Café starts, and the participants are requested to look into the online materials before joining the Café.

Walking as a Question

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Radhika Subramaniam

Radhika Subramaniam

Marŝarto Grand Jury 2023 Marŝarto Grand Jury 2024

Radhika Subramaniam is a curator and writer with an interdisciplinary practice. Through text, exhibitions and public interventions, she explores the poetics and politics of crises and surprises, particularly cities and crowds, migration, walking, art and h...

Yiannis Christidis

Yiannis Christidis

Online Jury 2022

Yiannis Christidis is a sound anthropologist, ethnographer, and designer. His academic and artistic research focuses on the cultural aspect of sound, its functionality in everyday activities and the relationship between the listeners and their place.

Hanna Randall

Hanna Randall

Hanna is a fiction writer and PhD researcher at the University of Sussex. She holds an MA in Japanese Studies from SOAS, trained as a costume maker at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and has worked as a professional costume maker in the UK and New Zealan...

Simon Piasecki

Simon Piasecki

Simon has enjoyed a connective career as an academic, as well as a researcher, artist, performer and writer. His Phd considered cartography, Self and Other in performance, examining identity and place. Research interests developed around the politics of hu...

Rui Filipe Antunes

Rui Filipe Antunes

Online Jury 2023 Online Jury 2024

Artist, academic and researcher in animation and virtuality technologies. Currently works as a researcher at INET-md, Instituto de Etnomusicologia Estudos de Música e Dance, at the Faculty of Human Motricity of the University of Lisbon. He is integrated i...


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